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It will be a self-sustaining cooperative, home to 30 diverse individuals

who share the same values and principles live together and strive for a longer, healthier and happier existence

A space connected to nature for unconventional creatives who wish for a different living environment, where they can create  & play freely, and where they can achieve a financially sustainable (See Video on Sacred Economics), high-quality way of living through work and decision co-operation.


Residents will take control of their own energy, water, and food as they work towards ecological sustainability, social prosperity, and economic viability. It's for the ones who prioritize a thriving lifestyle, the health of their mind and body, and who crave meaningful, deep human connection



The Sanctuary will be a hybrid between coop, an eco-village & artist retreat

At once a co-working, skill-sharing and co-living space.


The Eco-Village will be collectively owned. Individuals loan money to make the purchase possible. All other residents pay rent which is used to pay back those who made loans and for the Sanctuary improvements. People who make loans receive a small amount of interest each year and are eventually paid back in full. 

"Together we create space to explore dimensions of our inner world, to heal and flourish"


















The Sanctuary has a non-compulsory schedule freely accessible to all village residents and paid classes, creative workshops, and healthy cafè for the visitors.

6 AM | Meditation
6.30 AM | Yoga 
7.30 AM | Community Breakfast
10:30 AM | Training
1 PM | Community Lunch
2 PM | Speakers/ Workshops
6 PM | Training
7 PM | Community Dinner
8 PM | Community Activities


"A sanctuary where extraordinary people come united as teachers and students, living a sustainable, abundant & healthy lifestyle while unleashing their creative potential

and revolutionizing mass social constraining behaviors"


The Sanctuary welcomes a diverse range of individuals,

there are though some key members we need, for the concept to work.


Financial Backers

Yoga teachers

Chefs or Cooks

Permaculture experts



Movement Trainers




You are creative

(The actor, a performer, a visual artist, a musician, a craftsman, a humanitarian, a philosopher, a poet, a dancer, a healer, a chef, a composer, a farmer, a builder, a communicator, an entertainer and, an out of the box thinker, a smart ingenious mind...etc)


You are positive and high in energy, a proactive doer

You are authentic & kind, fair, generous & understanding

You value self-growth & collective growth 


You want to build strong, real and deeply meaningful relationships.

Building a family of loving caring people that see each other for who they truly are and work together.

You want to train your mind, body, and spirit

You love to move and challenge yourself

You want to live the elements of nature, swim in the ocean and be in the sun and play with fire and air and earth, growing magical food​




"What if we stopped accepting what seems the only choice given out there? because it's not the only choice.

There is another sustainable and abundant way of living" 

We can design our environment for the people, through community building

and becoming open to sharing resources.

 We want to address isolation & disconnection, through downshifting, building a community with similar values, and by creating purpose through creativity and movement.

"We believe unhappiness is mainly caused by the focus on financial capital.

A direct consequence of the way people are brought to interact in poorly designed towns and cities"

(See a video on 8 different types of capital) 

Living spaces are still catered more for cars rather than people, 

resulting in a lack of natural movement and human interactions.


The long distances make it hard to create solid consistent relationships which are all fundamental principles for good mental and physical health. Developers are continuing to build oceans of soulless commodity boxes, with the sole purpose to fill their own pockets, undervaluing community and a healthy lifestyle, and we want to flip this paradigm.  

We want to free and connect creative souls.


(We Ideally want a piece of land close to the coast and a water stream, lush and quiet but not too isolated.)


Co-Living & Co-Housing

The main central village communal spaces (including living area, cooking and dining, and amenities) are going to be designed as sustainable, simple & minimal but beautiful architecture.

We are going to have an art studio space, indoor and outdoor yoga, and aerials deck possibly overlooking a nice scenery.


There are going to be a variety of living pods between; glamping tents, mobile tiny homes, and fixed homes. The individual living spaces will be able to be personalized by its residents.


We are going to grow our own food using organic and permaculture methods and possibly have some animals in the property

The Sanctuary is going to be subdivided between: 

  1. Main Central Shared facilities

  2. Permanent private village living space for permanent residents.

  3. Business area and temporary living spaces for paying visitors.

  4. Permaculture and animals.


A well-designed village creates the right balance of togetherness and privacy.

“Everyone wants community in their life, but we tend to want the privacy that we’re used to having.… [co-housing] is very different to any commune or anything from the past, in that it really values independence, but at the same time, cooperation and community."

Laura Finch - Architect

Intentional Community

The intention to live to together harmoniously with shared values is what makes this eco-village different from life in the suburbs or city. Rather than moving into an apartment with no idea who the neighbors are, residents of the eco-village will eat together and connect regularly while also having their own interests and outside lives. The eco-village will be a connected community while valuing privacy and independence.

At the heart, there is the drive to have a lighter footprint on the world. 


Ecological Regeneration.

The eco-village will be a place where reducing waste, reducing emissions and regenerating the natural environment is a top priority. Some activities may include:



growing food

cutting down on single-use plastic

carpooling, car share arrangements and possibly electric vehicle/s

bush regeneration

use of permaculture and syntropic cultivation principles to create healthy soil and a diverse ecosystem

prioritize land for wildlife and insects

reducing meat consumption


By living together, residents can help each other to make changes that promote a more ecological lifestyle.


Financial Sustainability

Financial sustainability is all about sustainable management of the eco village's monetary and material resources. The eco-village enterprises (such as rent from the eco-villagers and village business income) will make profits and those profits will be returned to the community not only in the form of maintenance, property improvement, and village expenses but also returned to the community to allow people to transition away from the conventional jobs paradigm.


Social Regeneration

Commuting and paying a mortgage can be a socially depleting way to live for many. Working fewer hours and working in passion areas is key to enjoying life. Residents of the eco-village will enjoy the freedom to travel, live in the community part-time or whatever suits their lifestyle. In the future, there may be multiple villages that residents could choose to move between in a membership network of eco-communities.


Resilience in a fast-changing world

Many people recognize that our current systems are being stretched to breaking point. Even those will large sums of money see a potential financial crash coming in the next decade. By definition, unsustainable systems cannot go on indefinitely. By building community, the Sanctuary can help to create resilient systems that will not die out in the face of economic collapse. New ways of assigning a value to the social, cultural, artistic, experiential, spiritual, intellectual and natural capital generated in the eco-village build real sustainability that can weather the storms of our unsustainable financial system and changing climate too.


Bottom line

Many large corporations pursue one thing - the "mighty" dollar. There are some things that should not be for sale, like clean air, water, and soil for growing food. We recognize business is not solely for profit but must also benefit people and planet. The eight forms of capital (social, cultural, intellectual, experiential, spiritual, living/natural, material and financial) are recognized by Sanctuary Of Visions.​




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